What is the Functional Needs Registry?
The Functional Needs Registry is a protected database containing information about individuals, of any age, residing in the City of St. Louis who may require assistance in the event of an emergency.

Who is eligible?
Individuals, of any age, are eligible to be registered with the City of St. Louis Functional Needs Registry if they have specific needs that prevent them from taking care of themselves in the event of an emergency. These include individuals who are frail, elderly, medically needy, and/or a person with disabilities and are not served in or by a residential facility program (i.e. nursing home, residential care facility, etc.) These type facilities are required to have an evacuation plan in place for their residents and patients to be transported to another facility if necessary. As a pre-planning tool, the City of St. Louis Functional Needs Registry should be considered for all people who have special medical needs (i.e. oxygen, feeding tubes, or life support systems that are dependent upon electrical power). Eligible individuals may enroll by completing an application and return it to the City of St. Louis Department of Human Services. Forms may also be completed online at www.stlcityfunctionalneeds.org. Eligible registrants are also required to sign Confidentiality Authorization Forms prior to being placed on the registry.

Am I required to register?
Participation in the Functional Needs Registry is Voluntary. No one is required to participate. You will be included in the Registry ONLY with your permission. Individuals on the registry decide whether to accept assistance and/or remain responsible for themselves in the event of an emergency. Applying for the Registry does not guarantee that you will be included. If an individual decides not to register, he or she may exercise their right to decline having their information registered in the City of St. Louis Functional Needs Registry by contacting the City of St. Louis Department of Human Services at (314) 612-5916.

How do I register?
Individuals can submit applications to the program by printing, completing and submitting the Functional Needs Registry Application Form to City of St. Louis Department of Human Services or by completing the Functional Needs Registry On-Line Application Form. Each application will be screened. Only those individuals who complete the necessary information and meet the criteria will be placed on the Registry.

May I register a family member, friend, or neighbor?
Yes. The application provides a section acknowledging that a person other than the applicants name is completing the form.

What will happen if I register?
Your information will be used for disaster planning and public health purposes by the City of St. Louis. In the event of an emergency, every effort will be made to contact those persons on the registry in order to provide information about how to prepare for or respond to the emergency information regarding facilities or shelters, and to check on their well-being. The Registry is designed as a means to efficiently contact individuals with functional needs, reduce duplication of effort and help individuals get assistance during a disaster. Being on the registry in no way ensures that registrants will receive any, immediate or preferential treatment during an emergency.

How will I be notified if I am registered in the database?
After the Review Team looks at the application, they will either accept the application, deny the application or will contact the individual for more information before making a decision. Individuals will be notified via letter, email or other means of the status of their application.

What is the process for updating individual’s information?
It is critical that participant’s information stay current including addresses, contact information, and health status. Individuals enrolled in the Registry, and/or their emergency contact, will be sent a renewal notice semiannually asking the individual to update their application via paper or through the on-line registration process. If there are specific medical concerns or additional information required based on your application, you may be contacted by a representative of the City of St. Louis Department of Human Services.

Will my information be sold or given to non-emergency responders?
No. The Functional Needs Registry is developed under the St. Louis City Health Commissioner's Investigation authority and is not public information. All data obtained and maintained in the Functional Needs Registry may be shared only with other public health authorities and co-investigators while planning for or during a public health emergency, provided they abide by the same confidentiality restrictions required by the St. Louis City Department of Health under sections 192.067, RSMo. and the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). It will only be distributed to emergency responders within the geographical area at the time that an emergency or disaster is occurring. The City of St. Louis Department of Human Services will be responsible for maintaining the database. All records will be protected by Security Software. The information may be used to assist emergency personnel and volunteers in providing assistance during and after an emergency.

The application form indicates that emergency responders can enter my home during an emergency or disaster. Is this true?
Yes. Depending the nature of the incident, and as a last resort, if you are not responding to multiple attempts to contact you whether via phone calls or visits to your home, or we cannot reach the emergency contact persons listed on your application, emergency responders may enter your home to check on you.

What can I expect if I am asked to evacuate my home and I have no place to go?
If no other alternatives are available, individuals on the Functional Needs Registry may be transported to a Functional Needs Emergency Shelter. This shelter may be staffed by individuals from the American Red Cross, Human Services, Public Health and others. Individuals should always plan and prepare for the possibility of evacuation. Completely filling out the enrollment form will be a major first step in preparing for possible evacuation.

How can I be removed from the Functional Needs Registry?
Participation on the registry is Voluntary. If at any time your condition changes you wish to be removed from the registry, please contact the City of St. Louis Department of Human Services locally at (314) 657-1676 or toll free at (877) 612-5918.

Revision: 03/20/2009